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Estee Asset


Estee Asset Management looks to achieve the optimum return on investment for our partnering businesses through comprehensively studying all aspects of the asset and its operational structure.


Our team always keeps a careful eye on the market and competitors. Therefore, we can react accordingly and make the necessary strategy adjustments in order to achieve optimal results.


Another key aspect to our success is managing expenses both wisely and effectively. Our spending practices ensures that expenses are carefully aligned with demand. Our finance team assists the hotels with correct processes and tools which includes mentoring hotels on how to balance value and exceeding guest expectations.


We also offer an end to end service during pre-opening and post-opening phases and specialise in the following categories:


Hotel Positioning

Manager/Staff Recruitment

Hotel Licensing

Procedurement & Negotiation

Development of SOP


Maintenance of Asset Condition

Hotel Operations Control

Training & Monitoring Hotel Manager/Staff

Monitoring Team Performance Quality Standards

Identifying Opportunities to Improve Market Position

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